Welcome to NEW TIGERBLOOD website.

Finally in August 2019 we have launched new products presentation.

Our product come in 1 ml ampoules now as well. Tigerblood company has new menagment and first move was to offer better presentation of our products to the market. In recent years market has demanded 1 ml ampoule packing so we decided to offer such presentation as well.

This company has been always about quality. Now we decided to publish independant lab tests more often and fight possible fake production of our products with all means possible. This is why we are doing all these changes so our customers get the best possible and know it is original tigerblood product.



Independant lab test for our most powerful testosterone mixture test 500mg.

Independant lab test for our new stanblood formulation.
No pain even with full 3 cc injection into small muscle, yet can be injected with insulin needle !