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Update 28th July 2020
due to Covid general crises worldwide we decided to offer some really good deals to our customers to push sales at least back to normal.
Delivery to Europe is 100%, we ship from few EU countires and never lost a pack here.
Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, UK, Slovenia, Croatia 100% delivery
CH, small packs go thru ( up to 3 vials 10 cc), bigger are sometimes stopped, so if you are from CH order small order at the time.
USA, delivery is 100% if you agree we send pack with no lables nor boxes. We pack it as something else.
if we send it in original packing to USA some of the packs do not make it, so we do not want to take that risk. it depends on customers. if you are reselling products we can send separate boxes and labels so you can reconstruct whole product presentation then. Tabs are sent in boxes with supplements labels as well.
Bosnia and Serbia we arrange delivery by bus driver next day delivery.

This is how it works !
email us your order and country.
I will tell if we have stock for shipping and if we can deliver, we will take only order we can deliver !
payment options are western union wire, BTC (preferable method, some exta bonus is always included if bitocins are used), paypal
direct bank wire is only for bigger returning customers.

please note personal exchange of goods and money is possible for large orders (over 10 000 euros), this delivery is on EU teritory
our courier will bring products and take money in cash.

after we review your order we will get back to you in less then 24h with order confirmation

LETS DO BUSINESS HONESTLY ! We are in this game too long to do it just for money ! We want clients to get proper service for honest payment.
High quality product and service and can not be DIRT CHEAP.
Let me explain in few simple steps, if you get it ok, if not ok you can take chances with low prices and horrible service and build frustration and even risk health.
We buy proper ingredients, test samples to make sure our suppliers keep up to their part of deals. Produce products with proper equipment and test final products.
Then we use reliable shippers and all this has its price. If you think our prices are still high, then I can not help it.
Some guys buy fishy powders to begin with ( heavy metals, bacteria), use really cheap unreliable equipment and cheat on dosages specially with expensive ingredients, then on top of it takes them ages to mail or some are even selective scammers, mail small orders and when it comes to big ones just steal money and
come up with tons of excussses.

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T PROPIONATE 100mg/cc 15€ 12€ 8€ 7€
ENANTHATE 250mg/cc 20€ 15€ 12€ 10€
CYPIONATE 250mg/cc 20€ 15€ 12€ 9€
SUSTBLOOD 300mg/cc 20€ 17€ 12€ 12€
DECABLOOD 250mg/cc 22€ 19€ 16€ 13€
BOLDABLOOD 200mg/cc 25€ 16€ 14€ 10€
MASTBLOOD 100mg/cc 35€ 28€ 25€ 19€
TESTBLOOD 500 470mg/cc 40€ 32€ 25€ 23€
PRIMOBLOOD 100mg/cc 60€ 50€ 40€ 29€
TRENBLOOD ENANTHATE 200mg/cc 45€ 38€ 35€ 22€
TRENBLOOD ACETATE 100mg/cc 33€ 25€ 22€ 18€
STANBLOOD 50mg/cc 25€ 20€ 16€ 12€
MTP STACK 150mg/cc 40€ 35€ 25€ 19€


WINSTROL ORAL 100 tabs 10mg 25€ 15€ 10€ 8€
ANAVAR 100 tabs 10mg 40€ 30€ 22€ 18€
DIANABOL 100 tabs 10mg 25€ 15€ 10€ 8€
PRIMOBOLAN ORAL 50 tabs 25mg 80€ 45€ 40€ 30€
TURANABOL 100 tabs 10mg 40€ 30€ 22€ 18€
ANADROL 50 tabs 50mg 40€ 30€ 22€ 18€
EPHEDRINE HCL tabs 50 tabs 50mg 55€ 50€ 45€ 40€