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Boldablood Boldenon undecylenate

Detailed description

  • Originaly developeted as a veterinary drug
  • High anabolic and moderate androgenic effect
  • Effectively builds lean muscle mass
  • Stimulates appetite
  • physical improvements are well maintained post therapy
  • Will increase red blood cells


  • If it converts to estrogens it will be at a very low rate
  • Water retention, bloating and high blood pressure rarely occurs
  • Is well tolerated by women
  • May cause virilization symptoms (masculinization) in women if exposed to high doses for prolong durations

Proper use

Boldablood should be used 200mg per week for beginners, 400mg per week for intermediate and 600mg per week for advanced users, of course this is very general suggestion. One has few factors to consider before choosing right dosages, most important being current bodyweight, goals and combination of other steroids used in same cycle.