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Complaints against our distributors

We care about all users of our products and the quality of service of our distributors. We can help resolve any issues our users may encounter in attempts to obtain our products for personal or proffessional use. Since we do not mail any orders under any circumstances we monitor our distributors activity to ensure only legitimate and honest suppliers stay in our network of official distributors. We are fully aware of the potential for abuse of the above policy so customers who decide to write complaints must understand that our procedures are required to discourage any fraudulent attempts to discredit honest distributors. Please include following information in your complaint so we can help to resolve it. 1. Web site or email address of our distributer. if this web site or email address is NOT on our approved distributors list, sorry we can not help. 2. Your full name and email address you are using to communicate with your supplier 3. Order ID if applicable 4. Payment method you used to pay ( if necessary you will have to submit proof of payment scan to us, so get that ready, but no need to include it in your very first email to us) 5. Any current email exchange or communication you had with your supplier so far. ( for your first contact just short explain with do, we may ask for actual emails copies along the path of resolving your case After complaint is received we contact supplier and ask for their explanation, suppliers have 7 working days time to investigate and reply with their case. We work as intermediate between 2 parties. We promise we will resolve any issues with our official distributes in 3 weeks, if after that period distributor does not fix the case (customer must confirm issues solved to us) distributor is removed from the list of official distributors. We believe this system will keep only legit and honest businessman involved with us in the long term. We are aware of scams involved on Internet and really are doing our best to protect our customers from such bad individuals, lets hunt them down together !