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Dealer inquires welcome

If you wish to become official reseller of our products in your country please contact us. Make sure you check your local laws and contact us only if you are qualified to import our products by local customs and importation laws. Please note Anabolic steroids are controlled substances in USA. We do not accept any orders from USA, no exceptions are possible. Minimum order to buy directly from us is 4000$ worth of products, by placing such order you become distributer and are added to our official distributors check list ( if you wish ). Once added to distributors list only term to stay there is to practice legit business practice and resolve any complaints our clients may have. There is no minimum monthly or annual traffic volume set to stay active as distributor. Official distributor can become exclusive distributor for certain area or country. Terms are negotiated on separate individual bases. Exclusive distributer is only distributor who sells in certain area / country, all customers and other distributors from that area / country buy from him then. We help our exclusive distributors with advertising and traffic substantially.