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Instructions on proper use

Anabolic steroids are derivates of male hormone testosterone and as such should be approached with caution. Do not use this products without prior consulation with your doctor/physician. Hormone theraphy is not suitable for anyone under age of 21. Hormomes should be used by absolutely heathly individuals, if you have diagnozed precondition of any kind avoid using steroids, rare exceptions can be determinated only by qualified doctor / physician. Exogous Hormones disturbe natural hormonal balance in the body and should be used only for limited period of time, cycles duration and dosages can be best evaluated by qualified doctor depending on patients blood screen, current weight, age , sex and of course goals for which steroids are used. Remember steroids are powerful tools in hands of educated, down to earth reasonable athlete and a way to early grave in hands of ignorant, irrespobile, unrealistic and blinded by wish to succssed no matter what fouls. Steroids do not make champions, they help them train harder and better, recuperate from both minor and even major injuries and that little extra edge needed to be the best of the best. Without basic training, proper nutrition acompanied by rest and general athlete lifestyle use of steroids is void. We have seen too many young guys using too much steroids to overcome lack of discipline in training and dieting and distroying thier lives so get information from doctors or at least expereinced PT, read books and yes avoid internet forums, there is little places with so much WRONG information and advices as internet forums ! Better buy books from recognized writters !