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Primoblood 100mg Metenolone enanthate

Detailed description

  • Very good anabolic, too often overlooked by athletes, mainly because primobolan produces less weight gain then heavy androgens but when examining only pure muscle tissue gains without excesive water gain primobolan at sufficient dosage is just as well affective.
  • It is one of very few products female users feel comfortable to use due to very low side effects rate
  • It does not convert to estrogen and is not liver toxic, rather safe and effective overall anabolic


  • Known side effects list is very short actualy for this product. Overdosing is never recommended of course, but with regular dosage and cycle durations this product will not cause any problems.

Proper use

Primobolan for male users is used anywhere from 200mg to 2000mg weekly, depending on goals and experience. Many users use as as low as 200mg per week in periods between heavier androgenic cycles to maintain higher % of muscle size between cycles. Primo comes very handy in competition preparation periods since it works well on lower calories diets as well. Female users report best results side effects free at 100mg to 200mg weekly.