Anavar tablets 10 mg 100 tabs

Detailed description

  • Originaly developted to combat osteoporosis,
  • suitable for women,
  • adds hardness of muscles,
  • Effectively builds lean muscle mass,
  • builds lean muscle mass without significant weight gain ,
  • physical improvements are well maintained post therapy,
  • Is versatile and mild; it may be prescribed in a variety of hormone programs or in combination with other hormones,


  • Water retention, bloating and high blood pressure rarely occurs,
  • It is 17-alpha alkylated so it does put liver on stress
  • Problems with stomach may accur if taken on empty stomach
  • In rare cases increased blood pressure is possible,
  • Is well tolerated by women.

Proper use

Anavar is excelent contest preparation drug. Most effective dosage for men is 0.2 mg per kg of bodyweight per day.