Anadrol tablets

Detailed description

Originaly developted for manufacturing red blood cells,
stongest oral anabolic steroid,
powerful size and strenght builder,
very androgenic,
liver toxic ,
not for women, not for younger nor older althetes, not for beginners
actually it is sutiable only for hard training males in age between 20 and 30


Water retention, bloating and high blood pressure often occur,
It is 17-alpha alkylated so it does put liver on stress, actually it is very liver toxic
Too androgenic for women to use.

Proper use

Anadrol is used only in off season weight gaining peroid. It should be used only for maximum of 6 weeks. Suggested dose is 1 or 2 tabs a day. Anadrol and testosterone cycles are known to be among most efficient in mass and strenght gaining combinations.