Trenblood Trenbolone acetate 100mg/cc 10 ampoules each 1ml

Detailed description

Most potent anabolic steroid compared mg to mg
Strong androgen devoid of estrogen activity
Very effective in pre competition period when muscle hardness and fullness are most important
Physical changes and improvements are well maintained post therapy
Helps regeneration process and increases energy


Minimal water retention is generally experienced
High blood pressure is possible especially at higher doses
Has an impact on endogenous testosterone production
Is liver and kidney toxic and should be used with caution

Proper use

Trenblood is very strong product and many users find it too hard on the whole system, headaches are common so users are advised to start with lower dosages and work their way up observing how body tolerates it. Beginners should avoid this product all together so advice given allpies only to intermediate and advanced users. Start with 100mg per week for 2 weeks, after only that period it is possible to use 200mg per week, please note we do not suggest using more then 200mg per week of trenbolone under any circumstances. Longest cycles on trenbolone should not be more then 8 weeks, since body needs great deal of time to recuperate from this drug in particular.