Testblood propionate 100mg/cc 10 ampoules each 1ml

Detailed description

  • The strongest androgen steroid
  • Has a moderate half life; propionate 4-5 days,
  • Fastest acting testosterone
  • Has a strong anabolic and strong androgenic effect
  • Not particularly useful to build lean muscle or on calorie reduced diets,
  • Provides significant psychological, emotional and physical benefits,
  • Physical improvements generally reside slightly post therapy,
  • Conversion to estrogen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is less than with other esters,
  • Increases energy and appetite


  • Will aromatize into estrogens at a high rate,
  • At high doses, there is significant water retention and blood pressure may increase,
  • Will convert to dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
  • Has a large impact on endrogenic testosterone production,
  • Is not well tolerated by women,
  • Excessive testosterone in woman may cause virilization (masculinization) symptoms,

Proper use

Testblood propionate is used in dosages anywhere from 50mg to week to up to a 500mg/weeek ( higher propionate dosages are inconvenient for administration due to its low concentration and users choose cypioante, sustblood 300 or even testblood 500 for such needs) all depending on needs. Testblood propinate stacks well with stanblood and/or winstrol tabs and trenblood.